IRCCS INRCA (Istituto Nazionale di Ricovero e Cura per Anziani – National Institute of Health and Science on Aging) is a national public organization in charge of providing health care to older people and carrying out research on elder care and ageing related issues on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Health. INRCA manages six hospitals, out of which five are geriatric research structures with 473 beds in total, and one is a general hospital.

INRCA has an interdisciplinary research department, which includes centers specializing in clinical, technological, socioeconomic, and biological research. INRCA is involved in a variety of European research projects focusing on topics related to ageing, such as biogereontology, clinical and epidemiological research, pharmacoepidemiology, as well as economic and social research.

INRCA has an extensive experience in long term care systems, social and healthcare integration, formal and informal care, and migrants in the informal and semi-formal care sectors. INRCA has been focusing on the latter for many years because Migrant Care Workers (MCWs) often represent the only chance for having tailored home care provision for people with disability and their families.

Mrs. Sara Santini is a social gerontologist and project manager at the centre for socio-economic research on ageing of INRCA. She is involved in a number of research fields, such as the informal care for older people, the intergenerational relationships and learning, as well as the active ageing and the use of technology. She is a principal investigator, a project manager and contact person in INRCA.

Mr. Paolo Marinelli has been a nursing area manager at the INRCA Geriatric Hospital since 2011. In the scope of the HERO project, he will be responsible for the coordination of the training at the INRCA Geriatric Hospital.

Mrs. Flavia Galassi is a clinical psychologist and a dance movement psychoterapist. She has been working in the integration and reception projects aimed at migrants since 2011 as an ethnopsychologist and leader of therapeutic groups. She has been involved in research studies at INRCA since 2012. In the scope of the HERO project she will be responsible for the training, the data collection and the internships at the INRCA Geriatric Hospital.

Mr. Giovanni Lamura is a social gerontologist and the director of the Centre for socio-economic research on ageing of INRCA. His research interests include the long-term care services for older people, migrant care workers and informal carers of older people. In the context of the HERO project he will supervise the activities related to INRCA.