The HERO project will be carried out from the 1st of September, 2020 until the 31st of December, 2022 in Cuprys, Greece, Italy and Portugal. The participants will be refugees and migrants mainly coming from Africa and Middle Eastern Countries, care professionals such as nurses, caregivers, psychologists, adult trainers, as well as researchers. The project will involve elderly care units, non governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, colleges, and social enterprises.

The implementation activities that will be carried out in the scope of the project will include:

  • The creation of plans regarding the financial and qualitative rules that will be be applied
  • The organization of workshops and studies aiming to identify the problems and the educational needs of the refugees/migrants
  • The development of Quality of Life (QoL) questionnaires for the refugees
  • The development of the project web site, which is the official representative organ of the project
  • The design of curriculums for the training of the refugees  in language, terminology and caregiving
  • The design of the training material and its translation in four languages (English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese)
  • The design and implementation of the web platform and the application that will contain the training material
  • The formation of focus groups that will evaluate the training material and the application results of the training program
  • The organization of partner meetings for the regular monitoring of the project progress
  • The organization of the project’s transnational meetings and the international conference
  • The coordination of collaborations with local entities, such as local municipalities and social care organizations
  • The communication of the project outputs through dissemination activities such as seminars, congresses, the project website, articles in scientific papers, and forums